It's My Marriage!
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This marriage education workshop, based on the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) developed by Drs. Howard Markman and Scott Stanley, explores how resource parent couples can resolve conflict and promote intimacy in the family through improved communication. With the help of the workshop facilitator and four couples, participants are taught to recognize both constructive and destructive patterns of communication. Other researchers provide additional information about techniques proven to enhance relationships.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • list the four types of safety needed in a marriage
  • recognize the four communication danger signs
  • describe the four warning clues of hidden issues
  • use the TAB or "Take a Break" Technique
  • define the speaker's and listener's roles
  • describe the four steps of problem solving
  • identify the four steps in the process of forgiveness
  • describe the five stages of changing a behavior

This course helped start a few very important conversations between myself and my husband. I wish there were more trainings focused on marriage in the stressful situation of foster parenting.
Ms. G

This was EXCELLENT. The content was great, and the various ways of presentation kept things interesting and dynamic. This was easily the very best online course I've taken on almost any subject, even professional development.

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This workshop examines resource parent couples' relationships, including:

  • safety in marriage

  • patterns of communication

  • hidden issues

  • forgiveness

  • changing behavior

8 credit hours,
$40.00 per person