Social & Physical Aggression (Advanced Parenting Workshop)
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It is complicated for parents to know how to handle children who act aggressively towards adults or other children. Two in-depth family studies are presented and, with the help of Dr. Delaney and his teaching assistant, participants use the Social Information Processing (SIP) approach to understand aggressive behavior and support their children.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the differences between physical and social aggression
  • understand the differences between proactive and reactive aggression
  • identify the underlying reasons for a child's aggression
  • describe bullying
  • use the SIP approach to understand a child's behavior
  • describe empathy

I liked how interactive it was and that helped me learn the most. 
Norman F.

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This Advanced Parenting Workshop helps parents understand:

  • physical and social aggression

  • proactive and reactive aggression

  • the SIP model

6 credit hours,
$30.00 per person
Requires discussion board participation