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Social worker
"Our foster parents love the courses (and say so). As an agency, we've found the courses to be relevant and of high quality. Adding FPC to our training program has greatly reduced the hassles and costs associated with keeping foster parents 'up to date' on their annual training requirements ..."
"This on-line program is great! Our foster parents use it as an ice breaker before support group meetings. Keep up the good work!"
"I am finding the system really easy to use, and you are right in that foster carers doing a couple of subjects are coming back and asking to do more! One person has done an Advanced Parenting Workshop and really enjoyed it."
"When I started this I really thought [my staff] would not want the extra work, or they'd be afraid of the [online management system]. I have had a wonderful response. They love it and are so surprised at how easy it is for them to administer. I've had nothing but excitement coming from even the busiest and most resistive workers. Of course I am also very excited because I also thought it would be cumbersome and it's not."
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