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Course Syllabi

A course syllabus outlines what to expect within a Foster Parent College course. Course syllabi are available for English-language courses only.

Syllabus PDFs By FPC Course
Syllabi for FPC Courses
Anger Pie
Autism: A Strength-Based Approach
Building Trust, Motivating Change
Caring for Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused
Child Abuse & Neglect
Child Development
Child Safety and Supervision
Children Entering Care: Mental Health Issues
Children Entering Care: Physical Health Issues
Could It Be FASD?
Cultural Issues in Parenting
Eating & Food Issues
Escalating Behavior Unwrapped
Fire Play and Fire Setting
Foster Care to Adoption
Grief & Loss in the Care System
Healthy Sexual Development
House Safety
It's My Marriage!
Kinship Care
Lying (2nd Edition)
Noncompliance and Defiance
Parent-Child Attachment
Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed
Positive Parenting 1
Positive Parenting 2
Preparing Teens for Postsecondary Education
Reducing Family Stress
Running Away
Sleep Problems (2nd Edition)
Substance-Exposed Infants
Supporting Normalcy
Taking Things - Stealing
The Child Welfare Team
The Foster Home Investigation Process
The Impact of Fostering on Birth Children
The Role of Mandated Child Abuse Reporters
Trauma-Informed Parenting
Understanding Behavior in Foster Children
Understanding Birth Family Relationships
Understanding Sex Trafficking
Working Together with Primary Families
Working with Birth Parents: Visitation
Working with Schools