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December 15, 2016

Eugene, OR – Many children entering the foster care system have been exposed to a wide range of painful and traumatic experiences, including abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. recently released the behavioral management course Trauma Informed Parenting, which demonstrates how resource parents can help children heal from past trauma, while strengthening their ability to cope in the future. This interactive course is available 24/7 on the website.

Trauma Informed Parenting explores and defines "complex trauma" and the negative impact it can have on a child. This information helps parents approach their child's behavioral or developmental issues while continuing to be sensitive to his or her past traumatic experiences. Parents can use the 'Trauma-Sensitive Review Form' to systematically collect information about a child and then apply that information to tailor their parenting strategies.

"With nurture and support, children who have been through trauma can regain trust, confidence, and hope. Resource parents are critical in helping children in their care to build resilience and overcome the emotional and behavioral effects of child traumatic stress." - Chris Foreman, MSW, Liaison for the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress co-located at UCLA and Duke Universities. Ms. Foreman leads this course and explores how to increase a child's resiliency through:

  • A strong, supportive relationship with a competent and caring adult
  • A connection with a positive role model or mentor
  • Recognition and nurturance of their strengths and abilities
  • Some sense of control over their own lives
  • Membership in a community larger than themselves, whether it's their neighborhood, faith-based group, scout troop, extended family, or a social cause

Development of the Trauma-Informed Parenting course was made possible through Grant #R44 DA026644 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to Northwest Media, Inc., parent company of

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