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Supporting Normalcy: New online course helps foster parents provide a more typical life to children
March 28, 2018

Eugene, OR –
"When you're in foster care you lead such a very sheltered life that once you become an adult and age out, you don't have any skills necessary to survive on your own."
— Schuyler Davis, 24, foster care alumnus
Historically, in order to protect children in care, the child welfare system limited their participation in typical activities, both inside and outside the home. Today, in an effort to give children more typical childhood experiences, a new approach—known as normalcy—is being implemented nationwide. To help foster, adoptive, and kinship parents understand this new approach,® has just released Supporting Normalcy, its latest interactive, online course.

Supporting Normalcy
Supporting Normalcy is led by Mr. Kevin George, MSW, Foster Care Program Manager for the state of Oregon. With this course, resource parents will learn how to use the reasonable and prudent parenting standards to provide opportunities for their children to learn skills and develop relationships, while living in a safe, stable, and loving family.

Along with Mr. George, the course features a resource parent and two foster care alumni (including Schuyler) as it explores the variety of activities and experiences children can participate in. When youth take part in these social, academic, cultural, and enrichment activities they have the opportunity to learn life skills, build resiliency, and create social networks which facilitate a successful transition to adulthood.

Supporting Normalcy joins over 55 other courses currently available on the website. Since 2004, Foster Parent College has been dedicated to improving the lives of children in care by providing evidence-based training for resource parents. All courses are self-paced and viewable online at any time.

For more information about Supporting Normalcy contact Lee White at

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