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Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed Now Available on FosterParentCollege.com
March 7, 2018

Eugene, OR – Nationally, the opioid epidemic is causing an increase in the number of children coming into care and available for adoption. One of the biggest concerns for caregivers and potential adoptive parents is how drugs may be impacting the child in their care. Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed is a new online course available on FosterParentCollege.com that addresses how substance exposure might impact children throughout their childhood. The course also covers how parents can build attachment with their child, understand and work with a child's temperament, and establish a balanced parenting approach.

Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed
Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed is guided by Dr. Audra Langley, executive director of the UCLA TIES for Families program. TIES (Training, Intervention, Education, and Services) is affiliated with Mattel Children's Hospital at University of California, Los Angeles and specializes in helping adoptive families and their adopted children deal with the issue of child substance exposure and the aftereffects of trauma.

"Protective factors help prevent children with risk factors from developing problems," says Dr. Langley. "One of the biggest protective factors for children is a stable, nurturing family. This is an environment that helps children thrive and become more resilient." Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed features five foster-to-adopt families who talk about their experiences and focuses on helping parents develop protective factors and build resilience in their children.

FosterParentCollege.com has been providing evidence-based training for resource parents since 2004. All courses are self-paced and available online, 24/7. With the research study of Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed now compete, this new 2-credit course is available on the FosterParentCollege.com website, along with over 55 other courses.

Development of the Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed course was made possible through Grant #R44 DA026644 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to Northwest Media, Inc., parent company of FosterParentCollege.com.

For more information about Parenting a Child Who Was Substance Exposed contact Lee White at Lee@northwestmedia.com.
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