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Helpful Mindfulness Exercises - Audio Clips by Annaka Harris

Research studies on the benefits of mindfulness are limited but growing in number. Mindfulness has been incorporated into schools to help children with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. However, a child doesn't need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from it. When using mindfulness exercises to reduce stress in children exposed to trauma, parents need to be sure to adjust the exercises so a child isn't reminded of scary or painful emotions and body sensations.

Mindfulness is derived from a Buddhist concept and is perhaps best thought of as a form of meditation. Although definitions vary, in general, mindfulness refers to focusing attention, moment to moment and without judgment, on day-to-day experiences.

Here are several examples of mindfulness exercises provided by Annaka Harris. Parents need to review and practice the exercises themselves before working with their children on them. To learn more about Annaka Harris or mindfulness visit: or

Friendly Wishes

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Hearing

Mindful Seeing