Logic Model for Foster Parent College

FosterParentCollege.com provides online training to resource parents for both pre-service and in-service needs, often related to the behavior of a child in their home (such as lying, taking things, anger, and mental health issues) or parenting strategies (including home safety, mandatory reporting, and trauma-informed parenting).


  • Subject-specific content experts who co-write courses
  • Peer review of course material by additional content experts
  • Proven-effective techniques regarding child behavior (e.g., trauma-informed parenting)
  • Computer-based interactive learning strategies
  • Comprehensive yet easily navigable website design
  • Evaluation research for effects of courses on parent knowledge, attitudes, and confidence, as well as satisfaction
  • Technical support for both agencies and parents
  • In-house production facilities for high quality, interactive training
  • Proprietary web-based agency management system (computer program)


  • Parents may be registered on FPC website by their sponsoring agency or they may self-register as individuals
  • Courses may be chosen by the individual parent or assigned by an agency
  • Some courses are provided in both English and Spanish
  • Online structure design includes short sequences, the ability for viewers to leave and come back to where they were, and the inability to skip ahead
  • At end of course, parents receive a no-fail knowledge test with supportive responses
  • Parents can provide feedback or ask questions of their agency or Foster Parent College staff
  • Agencies have the option to cluster multiple courses tailored to their desired training goals
  • Agencies have access to an online management system to enroll, manage, and report on parent progress
  • Agencies have the capability to email multiple parents at the same time
  • One-on-one and scheduled technical support training provided for the agency management system

Tangible Outputs

  • The online video/audio training uses an interview format with interactive activities embedded within the course
  • Courses provide parents with conceptual knowledge on the subject of their interest along with practical steps to improve their situation
  • With each course, parents receive supportive and supplemental information in handouts
  • Parents receive certification of completion that is accepted by agencies for training
  • Parents have access to discussion board on topic of interest
  • Proprietary web-based agency management system allows the control and flexibility to meet the needs of agencies and parents

Short-term Outcomes (new knowledge)

  • Resource parents gain knowledge about problem behaviors of children coming into care
  • Resource parents learn about parenting techniques for children who have been traumatized and are in care
  • Resource parents' confidence in handling problem behaviors increases, and their attitudes toward children become more positive
  • Resource parents meet agency's training requirements

Intermediate Outcomes (new skills)

  • Improved parenting strategies
  • Continued confidence and positive attitudes in caring for children
  • Improved retention of resource parents

Long-term Outcomes (new abilities)

  • Resource parents provide quality care
  • Children in care experience greater placement stability
  • Children in care are better able to manage the trauma they have previously experienced
  • Children in care reach their full potential in life

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