Overview for Agency Staff

Learning with FosterParentCollege.com The goal of FosterParentCollege.com® is to help provide a safe haven for children in care by providing research-based training for resource parents. Our courses help strengthen the agency staff's efforts to support and retain high quality resource parents by providing quick and easy access to expert help on specific parenting and behavioral challenges through online training.

Available Online Training

Pre-Service Curriculums and Courses

  • FPC – IHS Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum: For details on our innovative Blended Pre-Service Training Program, based on the Institute for Human Services Pre-Service Curriculum, click here.
  • CWLA New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice: For details on the FPC partnership with CWLA to provide blended training in the New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice, click here.
  • For a list of all individual pre-service online training courses, click here.

In-Service Courses


Our online management system allows agency staff to custom design their account structure with ease.

  • Register and enroll parents and staff.
  • Create internal subgroups for various sets of parents.
  • Design clusters of classes.
  • Assign courses and/or allow parents to choose courses.
  • Send emails to a group or individuals.
  • Create agency-led discussion board courses.
  • Add handouts to parents' folders.
  • Access training records and individual accounts.
  • Review, download, print, or export summary and detailed reports and data.
Free Webinars at Agency Staff

We provide free introductory webinars for agency staff to learn about our management system. To sign up click here, email FPC@northwestmedia.com, or call 800-777-6636.


This is a FREE service to all agencies that accept FPC training from their clients. Affiliates are added to our Find Your Agency map, which helps current and future resource parents find FPC agencies in their area. To enroll your agency as an Affiliate, click here.

  • There is no cost or obligation to become an Affiliate.
  • Affiliates accept FPC training toward their parents' annual training requirements.
  • Being on the Affiliate Map is a tool for recruiting potential resource parents.
  • Affiliates have the option to purchase and distribute FPC training to parents.

FPC Affiliate Map

Agency Payment Options

FosterParentCollege.com offers member agencies different account options for purchasing FPC online training. These options allow access to:
  • Reports. The agency's website administrators will have access to reports online with the capability to print reports or export the data to Excel.
  • Tech Support. FPC provides training and support to agency staff via virtual meetings, online tutorials, phone, or email.
  • FPC – IHS Blended Pre-Service Training Curriculum, including the 200-page curriculum manual.
  • Prepaid Account - Retail Price: $10/unit, learn more
  • Unlimited-Use Account - Fixed Annual Fee, learn more

To get your agency started, please call us between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time at 541-343-6636, or toll-free inside the US at 1.800.777.6636.

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