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A Message from the Family Focused Treatment Association

The Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA) has endorsed FosterParentCollege.com® for online training for resource parents.

FosterParentCollege.com® strengthens agency efforts to train and support foster parents by providing quick and easy access – via online training – to expert help on specific parenting and behavioral challenges. FosterParentCollege.com® is the only online resource parent training site to be rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare, is also endorsed by the National Foster Parent Association, the Canadian Foster Family Association, and is approved by CASA and the National Adoption Center.

As part of this agreement, FFTA member agencies are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the purchase of FPC training units.

Each online training course is interactive and progressive to engage foster parents and enhance learning. The self-driven training is available at the foster parents' convenience, wherever internet access is available. The current lineup includes over 56 courses, among them "Sexualized Behavior," "R.A.D.," "Culturally Competent Parenting," "Self-Harm," "Child Safety and Supervision," "Eating Disorders," and "Fire Setting."

To receive the 10% discount, FFTA member agencies may call FosterParentCollege.com® at 800-777-6636 and ask to set up an FFTA member agency account. The discount is not available to self-registered individual users; individual users who provide treatment foster care should contact their agency about training with FosterParentCollege.com®.

Webinars for FFTA members

We invite FFTA member agency staff to participate in free webinars to learn about training with FosterParentCollege.com® and to learn how to use the online management system. To request a webinar for your agency, please email or call us at fpcsupport@northwestmedia.com or 1-800-777-6636.

More About FosterParentCollege.com®

Class List:
To preview all classes and workshops offered on FosterParentCollege.com® - click here.

Research Reports:
To view a research report on the effectiveness of FPC courses - click here.

To visit the faculty page - click here.

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