Endorsements & Approvals

FosterParentCollege.com® is proud to be partnered with a number of North American organizations. To partner with FPC, please contact us at 800-777-6636.

Strategic Collaborations

FosterParentCollege joined with the Child Welfare League of America to develop the New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice for agencies. Within this model, the pre-service training component introduces parents to the practice of trauma-informed care using 12 online classes and five in-person meetings. Additionally, the PRIDE Model emphasizes the mutual assessments by the agency and the parents regarding the family's ability, willingness, and skills in providing care for children.   read more »


FosterParentCollege.com® is proud to support the National Foster Parent Association. You can support NFPA as well while receiving your training online, thanks to an agreement between the NFPA and FPC. FosterParentCollege will make a donation to the NFPA of 10% of the purchase price of all FPC classes taken by you.   read more »
"The Canadian Foster Family Association (CFFA) Board of Directors has elected to endorse Foster Parent College as an excellent training resource for foster parents throughout Canada..."   read more »
FosterParentCollege.com® (FPC) is the first and only online resource parent training center to be rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC). Both individual courses for in-service resource parent training and FPC's Blended Pre-Service Training have received a "Promising Research Evidence" rating. According to the CEBC website, "Evidence-based practices are those that have empirical research supporting their efficacy."     view report on Pre-Service Training »         view report on FPC courses »


In June 2008, the National CASA Association officially recognized FosterParentCollege.com® as a source for continuing education credit for volunteers. FosterParentCollege.com® materials can be an informative and convenient way for CASA/GAL volunteers to learn about the challenges facing both youth in care and foster parents.   read more »
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