Four types of fire-setting behavior - "silent-but-deadly," impulsive, disturbed, and accidental or curious - are discussed by Rick Delaney, Ph.D. in this course. In addition to examining common causes for fire-setting behavior, Dr. Delaney covers warning signs, evaluation, and help for children with this behavior. Fire safety education is also discussed.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • list four types of fire setting behavior
  • identify tips for immediately helping the accidental, or curious, fire setter
  • list steps for helping seriously disturbed fire setters
  • identify where to have a child evaluated for fire setting risk
  • describe ways to educate a child in fire safety
  • identify the warning signs of silent anger

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This course explores four types of fire-setting problems with children:

  • silent but deadly

  • impulsive

  • disturbed

  • accidental or curious

(2 credit hours, $10.00 per person)