Childhood Anxiety Disorders
Dr. James Kagan, a pediatric psychiatrist, discusses several anxiety disorders that are commonly seen in children in care. Topics covered include physical and behavioral symptoms, the role of heredity and prior experiences, and treatment options. Dr. Kagan also provides information on the foster parent's role in managing care for these children and working with professionals.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify symptoms and causes of anxiety disorders
  • list types of anxiety disorders
  • identify emotional symptoms that may be signs of an anxiety disorder
  • describe steps that can be taken to help children with anxiety disorders
  • identify treatment options for children with anxiety disorders

The video was very enlightening. Although I have not had a child with these types of anxieties, the round table discussions were very informative. The video also made me aware of the many ways in which foster parents can recognize and communicate with the professionals of any odd behaviors witnessed in the foster youths. I must say that communication is key at all levels to ensure that our children feel safe, and confident.
Barbara M.

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This course helps identify anxiety disorders and treatment options for children:

  • overanxious disorder

  • separation anxiety disorder

  • phobias

  • social anxiety disorder

  • panic disorder with agoraphobia

(2 credit hours, $10.00 per person)