Parent Testimonials

Mother, father and little boy

"I thought that this course was very informational and helpful. I liked how it helped future and present foster and/or adoptive parents distinguish between accidental and intentional abuse. I enjoyed learning the characteristics of parents that maltreat their children. Hopefully others have taken away as much as my husband and I have from this course."
"Very informative and easy to follow, common sense approach. Thanks."
"This was an amazing course!!! We have been foster parents over 12 years now and watched the system change from keeping foster and primary families separate to what this class discusses ('Working Together With Primary Families'). Our last foster child we had, this is exactly how we approached them. I hadn't seen this yet but obviously this is the 'New' way to foster."
"I got some good information out of this course. My foster son lies and we really have stopped asking him questions. He is trusting us more and the lies are less-but I think he will lie for the rest of his life. Anyways, thanks for the course."
"As a foster mom of a child with ADHD, I was amazed to hear how accurate the doctor was in the class. This was very informative and I learned a great deal. Kudos to you all!"
"Just wanted to say thanks for providing alternative training that's self paced for a person like me with a hectic schedule that sometimes hinder me from participating in group settings at my local agency! It's a blessing!"
"I thought this was wonderfully put together. I hope that something like this is available for birth parents. I think this type of education may be very helpful."
"I have a teaching background. Your course is definitely designed by someone who is an EXCELLENT teacher. The background info, discussion board interactions, video clips, handouts, etc. - high quality from an instructional standpoint."
"I enjoy that if a problem arises during the day and I realize I haven't studied that in 15 years, that night I'll go to FPC and take the class and refresh my training. It addresses the 'every child's not alike' beautifully. We've been getting continuing education for decades and this is the best resource we've found. I just love it."
"I really learned a lot. The class was very informative. The info has helped me with the child I now have and it explained a lot of her reasons and actions. Now I am able to address it appropriately."
"We really enjoyed the classes they were very informative and understandable. We have taken 4 classes and plan on taking more. It is very convenient for us to take the course in the evening because our days are so busy. We encourage both men and woman to take the classes. You will be enlightened. Thanks so much."
"Of all of the training I have gone to for RAD this has to be the best I have heard. Tawnee describes my 10 year old to a T. Never have I had it explained this well. Hopefully I can start to get through. Thanks for an awesome training."
"I have completed nine of the courses. I can't get enough. We have had 33 foster kids through our house in the last two years. With each child comes their own unique set of problems. These courses are really opening my eyes to each of these individual problems. Thank you so much!"
"This [ADHD/ADD/ODD] was an excellent class! Please keep up your good work."
"I want to commend you on the material and the simple and interesting way it was presented. We so thought that this would be a boring two hours of reading and was pleasantly surprised to see this format. We will take these online classes from now on. Thanks again!"
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