Agency Staff Training Program

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The FosterParentCollege.com® (FPC) Agency Staff Training Program teaches agency staff to efficiently and expertly manage your FPC agency account.

Trainees learn how to:

Save Time with FPC Management Tools

  • Quickly add members
  • Easily assign and track training
  • Create the training reports you need
  • Transfer training data to Excel

Build a Supportive Network for Parents using FPC Communication Tools

  • Boost interaction with discussion boards
  • Simplify email communication with parents and staff
  • Share documents and resources easily using Group Documents

Enhance Learning

  • Help parents get started with FPC
  • Troubleshoot computer issues for parents
  • Target training to individual parent's needs

The Agency Staff Training Program features:

  • Self-paced and available online 24/7
  • Tutorials, interactive quizzes and self-study questions
  • Trainer feedback, support and assistance via telephone, email or Webinar
  • Total time commitment of 4-5 hours over a 2 week period
  • In-depth exploration of the FPC online management system

The ASTP costs 2 Training Units (or $20).  
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