Overview for Agency Staff

Photo of social workers FosterParentCollege.com® provides evidence-based training for resource parents, at their convenience, for a modest price to your agency. Our courses complement your in-house training program. FPC is easy to use for parents and for your staff.

Our courses are built using audio, visual and interactive elements to engage your parents and ensure that real learning happens. Users cannot jump ahead to the exam and collect their certificate of completion; they must do the work. Our instructors are respected professionals in the fields of social work, psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics and child development.


  • Pre-Service Training: For details on our innovative Blended Pre-Service Training Program, click here.
  • In-Service Training: For a complete list of our self-paced online training courses, click here.
  • PRIDE Model of Practice: For details on our partnership with CWLA to provide the New Generation PRIDE Model of Practice, click here.
  • Advanced Parenting Workshops: To learn about our in-depth online workshops, click here.
  • Cost: For a current list of available courses and their cost, click here
  • Syllabi: For course syllabi, click here
  • Objectives: For course objectives, click here.   (Cursos en espaƱol).

Free Webinars at Agency Staff


Our online management system allows you to quickly register parents and access their training records. Your agency can provide training units for parents to take a course of their choosing or assign specific courses.

Some additional qualities of our online management system include communicating with parents and staff through group or individual emails. You can also develop private discussion board sessions based on a specific topic. Plus it is easy to access a variety of reports sorted by dates, courses, parent groups, and more.

We provide free introductory webinars for agency staff to learn about our management system. To sign up click here, email Sarah@northwestmedia.com, or call 800.777.6636.

A secure login box for seamless access to FosterParentCollege.com can be installed on your website.

Endorsements & Approvals

FosterParentCollege.com® is:

  • Rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare, learn more
  • Endorsed by the National Foster Parent Association, learn more
  • Endorsed by the Family Focused Treatment Association, learn more
  • Endorsed by the Canadian Foster Family Association, learn more
  • Approved by the National Adoption Center, learn more
  • Approved by national CASA, learn more


The Affiliate Program is a free service for agencies that accept FPC training from their clients. Affiliates are added to our "Find Your Agency" and "Become a Foster Parent" maps.

Affiliate agencies may choose to reimburse parents for the cost of their training.

To become an Affiliate, please complete the application available at this link and return it by email, fax, or mail. To get started, click here. To view the map, click here.

Purchase Options

FosterParentCollege.com offers member agencies three different account options for purchasing FPC online training:

  • PrePaid Account - pays in advance for parent training, learn more
  • Open Account - monthly billing for parent training used, learn more
  • Unlimited Use Option - no limits on number of trainings, learn more

Special offer for FFTA member agencies, click here.

To get your Agency started, please call us between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time at 541-343-6636, or toll-free inside the US at 800-777-6636.

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