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FosterParentCollege.com® (FPC) provides dynamic, interactive, multimedia training courses for adoptive, kinship and foster parents.

Course Content

FPC courses focus on specific behavior problems or emotional disorders in children, and explore practical solutions for the daily challenges parents face. Dramatic vignettes, interviews with parents, and instruction from nationally-known child welfare experts present powerful and effective messages. As you watch the stories unfold, you'll:
  • develop an understanding of the problem
  • recognize early warning signs
  • gain insights
  • discover possible steps to take in solving these problems.

Each course is approximately 30-40 minutes in length, includes a summary, an interactive question and answer section, and a Certificate of Completion. Most courses include supplemental handouts. Check with your agency to ensure that FPC courses qualify for training credit.

FPC Online

FPC courses are available online as Self-Paced Courses or scheduled Advanced Parenting Workshops. Parents can purchase courses on their own, or agencies can purchase an agency account and offer the training to parents. An agency account allows staff to register users, monitor their progress, and offer customized courses.

Self-Paced Courses

These courses include:
  • a multimedia presentation
  • interactive review questions
  • printable summaries
  • unlimited access to a course-related discussion board where parents can ask questions, offer suggestions and share experiences with others
  • a printable Certificate of Completion for two hours of training
  • printable handouts (for selected courses)

These courses are available at any time. Viewers can access the course for 30 days once they begin viewing the course. Access to the discussion board is unlimited.
Most courses are $10 per person.

Advanced Parenting Workshops

These expanded courses offer a more in-depth exploration of the subject matter, and greater opportunities to interact with other parents and the instructor. Advanced Parenting Workshops are only available during specified dates, and are taught by nationally-recognized parenting experts, such as Dr. Rick Delaney. Courses include:
  • a multimedia presentation
  • interactive review questions
  • printable summaries
  • printable handouts
  • assigned exercises using a discussion board open only to class members
  • participation in online discussions with the instructor and other class members
  • a printable Certificate of Completion for six hours of training

Agencies can use this format to teach their own Advanced Parenting Workshops. Call for details.
Most courses are $30 per person.

Shared Accounts:

Shared accounts allow parents to work together on FPC courses by registering both names on a single email address. With a Shared Account, parents receive one training certificate listing both names. Please note that each course is charged on a per user basis. For example, if both parents take the Anger Outburst course, the cost is $10.00 x 2 users = $20.00, or two training units.

Important: Check with your licensing agency to see if they accept shared certificates.

To Begin:


  • Learn more about how to set up an agency account. Or call us at 800-777-6636.
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