: Certification Process
As a FPC Certified Consultant, you will distinguish yourself as an expert on FPC, helping you to grow your consulting business and add to your professional credentials.

In order to become a FPC Certified Consultant, you must:

  1. Submit application and be accepted into the program. The FPC Certified Consultant Program is designed for individuals with experience in the foster parent, adoptive and kinship parent social services field. To be accepted into the program, you must fill out a program application; applications will be reviewed by program management to determine that you have the field experience necessary to succeed in the program.

  2. Complete the FPC Certified Consultant Training and pass the certifying exam.
    The FPC Certified Consultant Training is designed to give students the tools to offer expert advice and training to agencies using the FPC Web site.

    The Certification Training consists of 4 main sections:

    • Using the FPC Web site
    • Addressing Agency Needs
    • Consulting Savvy
    • Presentation Skills

    The 4 week course offers a flexible learning experience utilizing DVD-based tutorials, weekly Webinar discussions, weekly online self-study practice questions and quizzes, and a final certifying exam. Webinars are led by instructors who are seasoned FPC customer service experts, with advanced training and marketing experience. The self-study practice questions - available online 24 hours a day - offer hands-on application of the topics discussed in the tutorials and Webinars. Quizzes further test your knowledge.

    It should take approximately 12 -15 hours to complete the certification process. Time will vary by individual.

    By the end of training, you should be able to:

    • Understand and use the FPC Web site so as to provide expert FPC customer service to agencies
    • Explain how FPC can be used as a training tool and management resource for agencies to help support and retain resource parents
    • Understand and use the FPC online management system
    • Approach agencies and identify and respond to their FPC services needs
    • Provide effective training to agency staff on the use of FPC

  3. Complete 3 FPC online training courses within two weeks of training. It is important that all Certified Consultants have a hands-on understanding of how FPC courses work as well as the value of the courses and Web site. In order to gain this understanding, all consultants working towards certification are required to view and complete at least 3 FPC online training courses; one must be taken during the training and the other two courses must be viewed either during the training or within two weeks after completing your certification training. (Note: All courses must be completed before you receive your FPC Consultant Certification.) You may choose the two courses taken once training begins; the first course will be assigned to you. The cost of the three courses is included in the cost of training.

  4. Sign and return the FPC Certified Consultant Contract. Northwest Media, Inc. is committed to providing its FosterParentCollege.com® customers with superior quality products and services. In order to provide service and support for agencies using FosterParentCollege.com®, Northwest Media has created the FPC Certified Consultant Program (FPCCCP). Under this program, individuals who have demonstrated their proficiency in supporting FosterParentCollege.com® by successfully completing the requirements of the FPC Certified Consultant Certification process may obtain certain benefits and be certified as a FPC Certified Consultant. Certified Consultants are not and may not act as an agent or representative of Northwest Media, Inc. or FosterParentCollege.com® in any manner. The Consultant Contract outlines all terms and conditions regarding the relationship between you as a FPC Certified Consultant and Northwest Media, Inc.
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