: FAQs
What is included in the training fee?
The training fee includes the cost of the DVDs, the weekly regularly scheduled Webinar discussions, 3 FPC online courses, and program membership dues for your first year. Once a student has successfully completed the certification process, they will have access to the membership benefits found here.

Where and when is the FPC Certified Consultant Program (CCP) training and exam held?
The training begins with a Webinar and continues with DVD tutorials and online self-study questions that can be completed at your own pace before the next weekly Webinar. The pattern of tutorials, self-study questions, and Webinars continues for three more weeks. The exam is offered within the two weeks following the completion of the CCP training; one part of the exam is done at home and emailed to the instructor and the other is taken via phone.

CCP trainings are currently scheduled for every other month. Additional trainings will be added if needed.
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