: Introduction
In order to become a FosterParentCollege.com®
Certified Consultant, you must:

  1. Submit an application and be accepted into the program. Applications will be reviewed by program management to determine that you have the field experience necessary to succeed in the program.
  2. Complete the 4 week Certified Consultant Training and pass the certifying exam.
  3. Complete 3 FPC online courses. All consultants working towards certification are required to view and complete 3 FPC online training courses during the training process. The cost of the three courses is included in the cost of the Certified Consultant Training.
  4. Sign and return the FPC Certified Consultant Contract. The Consultant Contract outlines all terms and conditions regarding the relationship between you as a FPC Certified Consultant and Northwest Media, Inc.
The cost for the Certified Consultant Program Training is $300.
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