The FosterParentCollege.com® Certified Consultant Program trains independent professionals to provide expert advice about FPC and to promote FPC to public and private agencies.

Once certified, FPC Certified Consultants can:
  • Facilitate agencies' purchase of FPC training units (sales commission available)
  • Contract directly with agencies* to manage their FPC online training program
  • Act as a FPC resource for agencies in their area

Successful candidates for the FPC Certified Consultant Program training:
  • Have professional experience in the field of foster care
  • Have average or better computer and internet skills
  • Are self-motivated

Become a Certified Consultant

Contact us at 800-777-6636 or protraining@northwestmedia.com for details.

* FPC Certified Consultants work independently of Northwest Media, Inc., providing FPC consulting services directly to, and being paid by, agencies overseeing foster parents.

Agency staff
To learn more about how working with a FPC Certified Consultant can benefit your organization please contact us at 800-777-6636 or protraining@northwestmedia.com.

Disclaimer for Agencies

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