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We provide innovative, research-based, interactive online courses for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents.


We strive to give foster, adoptive, and kinship parents the knowledge they need to raise children who will thrive in today's world.


FosterParentCollege.com® launched in 2004. It is an operating division of Northwest Media, Inc. of Eugene, OR, a publisher of training materials for social services agencies. All courses for FPC are conceived and developed in-house by the Northwest Media team of researchers, educators, writers, artists, animators, and programmers.

Northwest Media also produces Vstreet.com, an online resource for teaching independent living skills to youth, and SocialLearning.com, a clearinghouse for over 1,300 books, DVDs and games for social services professionals and caregivers.


FPC training is accepted by thousands of public and private, faith-based and secular agencies in nearly all 50 states and in Canada, Australia and the UK.

FPC is the only online resource parent training program to be rated by the California Evidence-based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare.

FPC is endorsed by The National Foster Parent Association, the Foster Family-based Treatment Association and the Canadian Foster Family Association, and approved by CASA and the National Adoption Center.

More About FPC

FosterParentCollege.com®'s Self-Paced training is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From the comfort and safety of home, parents can enroll, complete a course, and receive a certificate of completion in a single session. FPC has conducted more than 80,000 online training sessions since 2004.

Designed by nationally recognized experts in the fields of parenting, pediatrics, psychology, psychiatry, and education, FPC courses are valued by foster care agencies and praised by caregivers.

Many of our classes are also available on DVD at our website www.SocialLearning.com.

FPC Offers Two Types of Training


Frequently Asked Questions

How is FosterParentCollege.com® funded?
Through Small Business Innovation Research grants administered through the National Institutes of Health, primarily the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the National Institute of Mental Health. We also are supported by unit sales.
Who is on the faculty?
Our courses are developed and taught by nationally recognized experts in child health, psychology and development, with the input of educators and social science researchers. To visit our faculty page, CLICK HERE
In the workshops, are the panelists real foster parents?
No, to protect the privacy of foster parents we hire actors. Client confidentiality requires we create fictional scenarios to discuss, but scenarios are amalgams of real cases and situations our faculty face in their practices.
How often are new courses offered?
We produce several new classes each year.
How do you decide what subjects to develop courses for?
We research which challenges are of greatest concern to caregivers and develop curricula to address those challenges. Plus, we listen to and support agencies and caregivers.
How is FPC different from other online training sites?
Our courses are research-based and interactive and incorporate both visual and written components to enhance learning and retention. Parents can study at their convenience and work at their own pace to complete a course; however, they cannot receive a certificate of completion without actually doing the work. Our website management system allows caseworkers to assign and track their clients' progress. We strive to ensure that real learning happens.
What about caregivers who don't have internet access?
Most of our courses are available on DVDs, which are sold to agencies for use in their lending libraries and by their training staff.
Whose idea was this?
FosterParentCollege.com® is the brainchild of Lee White, president and co- founder of Northwest Media, Inc., Dr. Richard Delaney, and Dr. Caesar Pacifici.

For more information about Mr. White, CLICK HERE
For more information about Dr. Delaney, CLICK HERE
For more information about Dr. Pacifici, CLICK HERE
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